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People love a mobile website over a mobile app, survey finds

People love mobile web sites

When comes to mobile phone browsing, the choice of the majority people is a mobile web browser. Browsing web from a mobile browser is much easier than doing it from an app. According to the recent survey conducted by the Keynote Systems, which was commissioned by the Adobe, over 75% of the mobile phone users use their mobile web browser to browse the internet.

Here are some of the interesting stats that were found in the survey,

81% of the mobile users search product and price information from the browser.

75% users read the blogs from their mobile browsers.

78% read the product reviews from the browser, and the remaining from an app.

63% of the users read news from their web browsers while 37% from the apps.

58% watch the internet videos from the browser.

46% of use their browsers for social networking.

45% listen to music, and 39% play games using a mobile browser.

Though this is not surprising, it still shows the level of interest in people about using the traditional web browser over the apps.

Getting a mobile website isn’t everything.You already know your business is directly dependent on the number of potential customers your website attracts. Like any other ordinary website, your mobile website too needs some tweaks and smart ideas to make its presence strongly felt in the internet. Here are few things you can implement on your website to make it much more productive.

Mobile SEO

The top search engines have their fully functional mobile search engine algorithms and bots to deliver the appropriate search results. The mobile web design, navigation and the page structure plays a vital role in the search engine ranking. This is the reason why you need to choose a highly professional company to develop your mobile website.

Social media

Today, people are spending most of their time on the social networking websites like Facebook. Over the past couple of years, the “sharing” trend has changed the face of the online marketing on its own. A Facebook share or a twitter update could let hundreds of people check your website. So make sure your mobile website is social media compatible.

QR code marketing

With QR codes, you can give a new dimension to your business. Let people connect to your business 24/7. With the popularity of QR code marketing increasing day by day, it’s worth giving a try.

Mobile ads

Are you not getting enough visitors to your mobile website? No problem! Try mobile ads. The volume of the mobile internet has expanded so much that none other than Google is offering its contextual mobile ad service to the advertisers.

Update the content

Keep updating the content of your website, so that the search engines give it a good score. People love to visit the sites that have something in new in them. Add a blog to your website and keep your visitors interested all the time.

This has been in the discussion for the quite some time as the mobile internet and the smartphone usage has been rapidly increasing. As a business owner, you don’t really need an expert advice about getting one in them.  It’s you who have to decide which one suits you the most.

A mobile app

If your business is popular, and if you have a good customer base, getting a mobile app is a good choice. Most business doesn’t need a mobile app. A mobile app is more to do with the brand, the customer engagement, and the type of complex services it offers.

There’s no big chance to find new customers with a mobile app.
Getting an app is not the end, you need to market it.
You need to spend big money to get the app developed by the professionals.
You need to spend some money to push your app into the different app stores.
Apps could be removed from the mobile phones anytime.
You need to develop apps for multiple devices.
You still need a mobile website anyway!

A mobile website

A mobile website suits perfectly for all the business. The smart businesses always have a mobile website over a mobile app.

Any internet enabled mobile phone can open a mobile website.

People can find the mobile websites through search engines.

The development and maintenance costs are quite less.

A mobile website fulfils most of your online and interactive marketing needs.

A mobile website can be optimized for search engines and social media.

A mobile website can easily be upgraded or updated.

You need a mobile website for the innovative marketing techniques such as QR codes.

Based on these points, you could easily tell which one suits your business the best.

Are you thinking about a new marketing strategy to take on your business competitors?

You must take your business to ‘mobile’ then! Yes, a good mobile marketing strategy today can send hundreds of new diners in your locality to your restaurant. The popular internet marketing strategies are soon coming to a dead end, as the new businesses are finding it extremely difficult to get a foothold in the internet surpassing the long time occupants.

Get a mobile website

You already know how effective a mobile phone is, and at what pace the use of mobile internet is increasing all around. The stats are saying the same too. The mobile phones are going to take over the desktops and laptops in the next two years, as a huge percentage of the people areusing their mobiles for web browsing, searching and shopping.

Every day, many people are using their phones to find the restaurants, check menus and book seats. Make sure you reach your potential customers who are on mobile, searching for the right places!

QR code marketing, another smart way to boost your sales

When you have a mobile website, you should try the QR code marketing too. QR codes are quickly getting popular, and more and more people are finding them convenient to use.

You neither need to invest big amount here, nor is it a complex strategy to carry out.

The lack of awareness is the main reason why many small and medium businesses are not completely able to use the mobile web to increase the sales. The mobile web is lot bigger than one could think. The smartphones are the future of internet and online communication.

Here are some interesting stats related the mobile web.

Till date, there are 5.3 billion active mobile phone users around the world.

By 2015, the desktops fall second to the mobile phones in terms of internet usage.

The number of mobile searches has increased fourfold in the last one year alone.

63.2 million Americans own a smartphone.

53% of the smartphone users are actively engaged in the mobile web browsing.

71% of the smartphone users search internet.

The usage of mobile coupons has increased tenfold in the last year.

65% of the smartphone users have scanned a QR code at least once.

There are 80 million mobile Twitter users, and 200 million mobile Facebook users.

These stats clearly show the rise of mobile technology in the area of mobile computing and internet. As you could already see millions of people actively engaged in using mobile web, there’s absolutely no doubt that a mobile website plays a key role in the area of ecommerce.

Today, the people want everything on the mobile, and on their finger tips. You just have a casual look around you, and you will notice a good number of people browsing something from their mobile phones. The rise in the smartphone technology has given the mobile web an all new dimension, and helped it expand beyond the barriers and boundaries.

The mobile website can benefit a business in so many ways. Here’s a quick list of the advantages of a mobile website.

Advantages of a mobile website

Exploring huge mobile market: There are over 5 billion active mobile phone users in the world. Over 250 million people access the Facebook from the mobile phones. Your potential customers are on mobile, and they will stay on mobile.

Mobile Search Engine Optimization: Almost all the top search engines such as Google have a dedicated mobile search index for the mobile internet. When searched from a mobile, the mobile websites with a mobile compliant design and sitemap is more likely to top the results.

User experience: The look and feel of a regular website will not be that good when opened from a mobile device. This is because it was not designed or optimized for the smaller screen sizes of a mobile. Only a mobile website ensures a smooth and hassle free browsing experience to your customer, which encourages them to visit your site again and again.

Better Communication: A mobile website allows the people to call your phone number instantly, which significantly increases the sales.

QR code marketing:  A mobile website allows a business to take complete advantage of the QR code marketing, which is getting extremely popular these days.

The mobile website is no longer an additional advantage or a luxury. Today, the mobile website is a need, a need for every business that depends on the internet for their marketing or advertizing purposes. The mobile internet is expanding, and expanding big. Millions of people around the world are now using their internet enabled smartphones to browse the web.

So the mobile website is certainly not restricted to any business industry. Almost all the businesses can best use a mobile website to boost the profits and increase the reputation.

The vast internet user community is slowly slipping into the clutches of mobile internet. When the people are making the switch, the businesses should make sure they follow them.

According to the Nielsen, the smartphones will play the leading role in handling online shopping and ecommerce surpassing the traditional desktops and laptops.

When thinking of a mobile website, you are certainly not investing in something for the future. The future you might be thinking or expecting to come in sometime is actually here.

If internet could play a role in the success of your business, you should get a mobile website for it.

These days the mobile website is a must for all the local and small businesses. The internet is undoubtedly the cheapest way to advertize or market your businesses or the products, but it’s not that easy. Considering the amount of the competition, establishing your business in the internet can really be a challenging task.

What's a mobile website?

A mobile website doesn’t do anything strange or extraordinary other than the basic things a normal website usually does. You are getting your mobile website just to make sure you don’t miss out on the big mobile web traffic. As you can see a lot of people around you browsing the internet all the time from their mobile phones, there’s big space in the mobile web to explore and make use of.

What businesses are most benefitted from a mobile website?

Almost all the businesses! Every business should have a mobile website in addition to the existing conventional website. The ever increasing mobile web usage has opened doors for the small and local businesses to get in and explore.

When comes to return on investment, and quick results, often the restaurants and the salons are a step ahead of all the other businesses.

If you own a business, wait no more! Get a mobile website today and make the most out of it before your competitors does!


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