Saturday, 3 November 2012

25 Reasons Why You Should Have a Mobile Friendly Website

25 Reasons Why You Should Have a Mobile Friendly Website By Rosalind Henshell Just because your regular website doesn’t have Flash on it, doesn’t mean it’s a mobile friendly Website. A mobile Friendly website needs to be carefully planned to make sure that users viewing your site on a smaller screen or over 3G can get access to the important information that they need without compromising their user experience. Mobile usage has risen steadily over the last few years and now represents too large a chunk of the market to dismiss. Now is the time to make the minimal investment required to enter this lucrative market. This isn’t just my opinion, here are 25 reasons why you should have a Mobile Friendly Website 1. Mobile now accounts for 10% of internet usage worldwide (this has more than doubled over last 18months) (The Next Web) 2. 1.08 of the world’s 4 billion mobile phones are smartphones (Source: Hubspot) 3. Apple and Android represent more than 75% of the smartphone market (Source: Hubspot) 4. 7.96% of all web traffic in the U.S. is mobile traffic. That number skyrockets to 14.85% in Africa, and 17.84% in Asia — up 192.5% since 2010 (Source: Hubspot) 5. 29% of mobile users are open to scanning a mobile tag to get coupons (Source: Hubspot) 6. 39% of instances where a consumer walks out of a store without buying were influenced by smartphones (Source: Hubspot) 7. 91% of mobile internet access is for social activities, versus just 79% on desktops (Source: Hubspot) 8. Over 1/3 of Facebook’s users access Facebook Mobile; 50% of Twitter’s users use Twitter Mobile (Source: Hubspot) 9. QR code scans increased 300% in 2011 compared to 2010 (Source: Hubspot) 10. The average tablet user spends 13.9 hours per week with the device (Source: Hubspot) 11. 73% of smartphone owners access social networks through apps at least once per day (Source: Hubspot) 12. There was 103% growth in website traffic from smartphones from 2011-2012 (Source: Hubspot) 13. US consumers spend almost 1 in every 10 ecommerce dollars using a mobile device (Source: Hubspot) 14. There are currently 6 Billion mobile subscribers worldwide (Source Digital Buzz Blog) 15. This equals 87% of the world’s population (Source Digital Buzz Blog) 16. China and India account for 30% of this growth (Source Digital Buzz Blog) 17. There are over 1.2 Billion people accessing the web from their mobiles (Source Digital Buzz Blog) 18. Over 300,000 apps have been developed in the past 3 year (Source Digital Buzz Blog) 19. Google earns 2.5 Billion in mobile ad revenue annually (Source Digital Buzz Blog) 20. 38% of our daily media interactions are on smartphones (Source: Hubspot) 21. 80% of searches conducted on a smartphone are spontaneous. (Source: Hubspot) 22. 59% of smartphone shopping is done at home, while 41% is done out of the home (Source: Hubspot) 23. 30% of shopping-related content accessed on a smartphone is driven by search. (Source: Hubspot) 24. 12% have looked for deals on social media sites using their smartphones (Source: AllTwitter) And just in case the first 24 facts aren’t enough to convince you, I’ll leave you with this final thought: 25. There are more devices connected to the Internet than there are people on Earth (source: AllTwitter) You can find out more about setting up a mobile friendly website here. Author: Rosalind Henshell    

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