Monday, 12 November 2012

Benefits of having a Separate Mobile Website:

Benefits of having a Separate Mobile Website:

 1) Primary optimization of your website to take advantage of the unique user experience of a handheld mobile device. 
 Users browse through a mobile website differently than desktop users. A separate site gives you the ability utilize device features to enhance the experience and target specific content for it.

 2) In addition, your company can target a unique audience that is different from a traditional desktop audience. 
A responsive mobile site uses the content on your desktop website to bring in traffic. While a separate mobile site, gives you the ability to target online traffic that is specific to mobile.

 3) According to Prashant Puri, Co-Founder of (Pubcon 2012), Separate mobile sites are ranking higher in search results compared to responsive design. 

 4) Can be better to use a separate mobile site on robust sites or sites that have a subset of information that is different from the desktop site. 
A separate mobile site gives you the ability to have complete control of the mobile content without changing the content of the desktop site. This gives you the ability to serve different content or tailor your content for a mobile audience or create landing pages specific to your mobile ads.

 5) Page loading time is usually faster on a separate mobile site. 
Separate mobile sites are using images that are created for smaller screens decreasing the time it takes for the browser to download an image.

 6) Typically will cost less to implement and has a faster production turn around.
Contrary to some beliefs, a separate mobile site costs less than a mobile site that is created using responsive design

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